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Hello Sorry Ive Been Away But Im Back Now With More Blogs =] Anyway Lets Start The Blog =].    *Heavy Breathing.Whizz CRUNCH* Wow! Didnt know New Bullets Are Soo Strong But No Time To Be Amazed. I Got To Get Out Of Here.*BOOM* Why Do You Want Me? *Deep Voice Out Of Nowhere* You Have The Heart Of Gem. Give It Now OR DIE!!! What? How? No H H How Do I Give You The Heart Of Wem. Or  Is It Gem? I Think Its Gem *Deep Voice Out Of Nowhere* Just Place The Heart Of Gem On The Totem In Front Of You. Ok, Here It Goes  *BOOSH*MHAAAH The Heart Of Gem Is Mine. Ka Boosh.* Where Am  I? Im Home In Bed. Wait It Was All A Dream Wow That Was One Crazy Cool Amazing Dream Of World War 3                                                                                                                                                  The End
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                                                                     (A Made Up Story)                                                               World War 3                *Heavy Breathing*                                                                                                                     Bang "W W Where Am I?" *Silent Voice*Arrrr Torpedo *Crash BOOM!!!* Arrrr What Was That Wait Modern BOMBERS Wait That Must Mean World War 2    No It Must Mean WORLD WAR 3 Holy Moly What Am I Gunna Do OH GOSH I Can See You Stay Back There *In My Mind Shall I Run Or Stay* Im Gunna Run Arrrr *Bang*Whizz*What Was That Oh Golly Gosh That *Bang* Was Definitely A Bullet                                                                                                    Shall I Continue                                                 Maia


Hello. Today I had to go to Marceille to try and get the gaskets and I boarded the 'Henri' ferry and went up to the top to get our tickets for the ferry. We went in to the wheelhouse and got our change.It was amazing to even be in there. When we were going to leave the wheel house the ship mechanic asked us if we wanted to stay the whole way and of course I said Yes. We got to see how the Captain got in and out of cities and half way to Marceille ASKED US  IF WE COULD CATCH THE 12:30 BOAT SO I COULD STEER THE FERRY!!!!!!! I was like no way this is a dream but I know that it wasn't a dream but I was soooo exited to steer the ferry.

Thank You Viewers

Hello People.  Today, yes today not yesterday, but today i started my day out on the boat (of -course).Simon went to go get brekky/breakfast and I went to go see if I could find the Italian boy Henri, not the English way Henry. Anyway, he was not there so he is still in Marseilles. I went back to our boat Catkin and I had  du chocolate croissant then we had to go to Marseilles for food, an umbrella, windows and cheese, chicken, beer, tonic, black cherry jam and more. Not very interesting sorry =I We went by ferry/boat and when we arrived it was so busy I felt sick. Then we headed for the post office to pick up the  gasket, something for the boat engine.                         Thank You                                                                                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED                                                                                                                                              =]


Hello, yesterday when I woke up I asked Kelly if i could go standup paddle boarding  and she said YES, later though. Maybe 12:00 but she meant 3:00pm,  so we went at 3 and I stayed and then ran back to get $10 from Simon. I ran back and gave the 10 bucks to the man who runs the watre sport kiosk and off I went. I paddled to the dock bridge  and then I went back and there was another French  child paddleboarding. I said hello and he said hello in Englaise/english. Then we talked more with each other and then i pranked him soo soo good.  He was trying to ram me and when he came close enough i stuck my paddle and pushed his board and he went zooming across for 1 second and then fell off =]                                                                                                                                             TO BE CONTINUED                                                                                                                               ON THE NEXT BLOG
Hello yesterday we had some friends come over. They came by boat. I walked down to greet the Freeze Family;  1 boy and 3 girls.  Everyone except the parents  were shy at first but the boy  was mostly shy all the time. They were American. We went back to the boat and said Hi and discussed what to do; we all agreed on going to the beach, the hugest beach on the island. The Dad was going spearfishing with a wet suit, snorkel, mask and his gun and we went in a A N D  I T   W A S S O C o l d everyone was crying legit. Then we built castles, a fort and mountains .
Hello yesterday Kelly went diving for mussels off a pipe line and i was helping by  throwing a bag to put the mussels in. An aussie guy well he is actually half french pulled up on the pontoon. We got 19 mussels  for starters to night.* 1H Later * Now its time to go Geo-cacheing first we will go TO A ROMAN TEMPLE. I looked in an electrical box then i looked at the view then i looked at Simon and he lifted a brick and there it was Dun Dun Daaaa =P i felt so stupid =[ Then we climbed a long mountain  and i asked why there were so many holes  and Simon said because of the war Americans dropped BOMBS at the germans.I scavenged some BOMB parts and the biggest piece was as big as a leaf.